Fellowship is more than just getting to know one another. It’s about getting closer to one another, learning about more about them. Many of our activities are centered around just that. It could be something as simple as a friendly Volleyball, playing board games together or simply sitting around and watching the kids play with [...]

Parents Night Out

Face it… you need to spend some time together. YES… away from the kids. Even if it is just to sit across the table from one another and talk about the kids. It’s hard sometimes. Work, things that must be done at home, school work, bathing kids, cooking dinner, cleaning up from dinner, etc. Sometimes [...]


So just what is a devotional or “Devo” as we sometimes like to call them? It is a time when we come to together to study God’s Word and fellowship with one another. We sometimes will pick a book of the bible or maybe a specific topic to discuss. Sort of like a book club… [...]


A Retreat is just what the name suggests! The world can be a pretty brutal place sometimes. The stresses of work, family and just trying to be a faithful Christian in a very Un-Christian world. That is where a Retreat comes in. It’s a time to pull back, take breath, gather yourself, catch that needed [...]

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Posted by William Hyche on March 8th, 2012 at 10:20 am

We will be meeting at the home of Larry and Deanna Dehart at 6:00 on March 23rd. We will have a devotional and potluck style meal to follow. See our facebook page for what to bring.  We look forward to another fun filled evening with our FRIENDS!!!!   Share on Facebook